About the Faculty

The faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science (former Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) has the longest history and the richest traditions among all the faculties of Czestochowa University of Technology.    

Didactic process and scientific activity in Faculty`s structure are realized in:

  • Institute of Computer and Information Sciences;
  • Institute of Computational Intelligence;
  • Institute of thermal machinery;
  • Institute of Mathematics;
  • Institute of Mechanics and elements of machine design;
  • Institute of Mechanical Technologies

Each of the departments given above owns numerous didactic and research laboratories, well provided with modern equipment and computer software for each subject. This provides high level of our graduates` education. Students also have the opportunity to study in foreign universities according to the European program ERASMUS. 

The department employs numerous personnel, academic professors:

  • 51 professors and doctors of science,
  • 114 adjuncts,
  • 3 teachers
  • 3 assistants.

Currently  nearly 81 people are taking doctoral degree.