Student of Czestochowa University of Technology can apply for place in dormitory. Priority in the provision of dorm accommodation is provided to the student whose daily route to the University would prevent or substantially impede learning or who is in difficult financial situation. Czestochowa University of Technology has more than 1,900 places in three dormitories:

  • Dormitory No. 7 "Herkules", Sowińskiego street, number 40/48
  • Dormitory No. 5 "Maluch", Dekabrystów street, number 26/30
  • Dormitory No. 2 "Bliźniak", Akademicka street, number 5

In each of the dormitory are student clubs, grocery stores, kitchenettes, photocopying service, quiet study rooms, TV rooms, exercise rooms and gyms. All dormitories have been renovated in recent years. The "new" dorms have double and triple rooms with a sanitary and economic space and constant access to the Internet. Repair work and replacement equipment in rooms helped to raise the standard of housing.

To get a place in Dormitory it is necessary:

A student applying for a place in DS is obliged to request the Department of Student Houses by the end of May each year or in first year to 10 September.

The monthly fee for a place in dormitory is:
Type of room No. 7 "Herkules" No. 5 "Maluch" No. 2 "Bliźniak"
place in a single room 340zł 360 zł 380 zł
place in a double room 290zł 300zł 310 zł
place in a triple room 240zł - -
place in a 4-bed room - - -
family room 660zł 660zł -
More information can be obtained at the Dormitory Department - telephone (034) 325-02-62

Dormitory No. 7 "Herkules" tel. (034) 325-04-95
Dormitory No. 5 "Maluch" tel. (034) 325-02-33
Dormitory No. 2 "Bliźniak" tel. (034) 325-04-72